Our Trust Board

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust is managed by a Trust Board, comprised of our Chairman, five Non-Executive and five Executive Directors including the Chief Executive.

Each of our Non-Executive Directors is a member of the community and is appointed to bring their personal qualities and professional experience to the Board.

We also have three Executive Directors who attend Board meetings without voting rights – our Directors of Human Resources; Governance and Risk together with our Estates and Facilities Director. Meet our Trust Board here.

Our Board is responsible for making sure we provide safe, effective and compassionate care to patients at the same time as supporting their families, relatives and carers. They do this by making the key decisions that affect our hospital and setting the values, aims and strategic direction for our Trust. They also review performance against our objectives as well as against national standards and targets.

The Board has overall responsibility for the effective control of the Trust and is accountable, through its Chairman, to the NHS Trust Development Authority and the Secretary of State for Health. The Trust Board has six key functions:

  • to set strategic direction, define objectives and agree plans for the Trust
  • to monitor performance and ensure corrective action
  • to ensure financial stewardship
  • to ensure high standards of corporate and clinical governance
  • to appoint, appraise and remunerate executives
  • to ensure effective dialogue with external bodies and the communities we serve

The Trust Board has five committees:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Quality and Safety Committee
  • Workforce Committee
  • Finance and Performance Committee
  • Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee
  • Charitable Funds Committee

We welcome members of the public

Members of the public are welcome to attend our Trust Board meetings as we value the support of the community and recognise that they will be interested in the work we do.

Whilst Trust Board meetings are held in public they are not public meetings; however, the Board is keen to seek input from the community and sets aside time at the end of each Board meeting for members of the public to make statements or ask questions.

Trust Board meetings are held monthly and papers will be available on line beforehand.

Meet our Trust Board

Hinchingbrooke's Trust Board

Find out more about Hinchingbrooke Hospital and our Trust Board which includes our chairman, four non-executive, five voting executive directors, including the chief executive, and two non-voting executive directors.