Circle Partnership

Circle Partnership

On 1 February 2012 our unique partnership with Circle started, and Hinchingbrooke Hospital became the first NHS Trust to be managed by an independent company.

We’re still an NHS hospital with NHS staff and NHS premises, but thanks to the Circle partnership we’re able to make some positive changes to the way that we manage our business.

1200 of our 1700 hospital staff came together to share their vision for the transformation of our hospital and they decided that their goal would be to become one of the top ten district general hospitals in the country by being the best in four areas:

  • patient safety
  • patient experience
  • staff engagement
  • value for money

These shared goals became our 16 Point Plan
To find out more about our partnership with Circle visit the Circle Partnership Website.

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Circle Partnership

Read more about our unique relationship with Circle and how we're working together to improve services.

16 Point Plan

16 pp 2014

Hinchingbrooke Shared Goals

These shared goals became our 16 Point plan.