Latest Infection Data

Latest Infection Data


The Department of Health measures the number of patients with MRSA bacteraemia (blood stream infections). During 2013/14 there were no MRSA positive patients with bacteraemia.

Clostridium difficile (C.Diff)

Hinchingbrooke has been successful in reducing the number of C. diff positive cases since 2009. During 2009/2010 there were 73 patients with C. diff in the Trust. During 2012/13, the Trust had only 7 patients with C. diff.

Last year (2013/14), there were 6 patients with C. diff in the Trust and we continue to work hard to reduce the risk of our patients developing C. diff.

This year (2014/15) there has been 3 cases of C.dff against a target of 7.

The reduction in numbers is due to:

  • Isolation of suspected and confirmed cases in single rooms.
  • Rapid treatment of C. diff cases.
  • Prudent antibiotic prescribing.
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning and strict hand hygiene.