Your development and education

Developing your potential

At Hinchingbrooke we believe that our people are our greatest asset and that excellent health care can only be achieved by an equally excellent team. We aim to help you find your potential, and support you in achieving excellence.

We strongly believe that well trained and motivated employees play a vital role in helping us achieve our goal of becoming one of the country’s top performing district general hospitals..

Education, Learning and Development

Join our team3

Our dedicated Education Centre houses a skilled and experienced education team who work continuously to provide the right development opportunities for you, delivered in a way that is engaging and at a time that suits you.

We have a brand new library offering all core health library services including book loans and document supply, online databases and journals, information enquiries, literature searching, current awareness alerts and library skills training. We also offer modern study facilities, including 13 PCs which are set up and ready for staff to undertake e-learning courses.

Engaging in our Vision

At Hinchingbrooke we are very clear about our vision to become a top ten hospital and need to adapt to the changing environment to ensure this remains our focus. Open and effective communication promotes a harmonious working relationship and encourages effective team work. We are always developing new ways of communicating with you, that make the most of the latest technology, whilst always recognising the need for regular face to face communication.

We foster a culture where staff are encouraged to teach each other and are motivated to learn new skills. Our people are given opportunities to share ideas and rewarded for using their initiative.

At Hinchingbrooke, you’ll be involved in our business planning right from the very start. Every year, we bring together all our staff to celebrate our successes, learn from where we could have done better and look to the future, defining our priorities for the next 12 months.

Each and every role plays an important part in delivering the best quality care to our community and we recognise the contribution you make. We know that our front line staff are passionate about the service they deliver, and that they know best what needs to be done to continue to improve. We encourage you to identify those changes and empower you to turn them into reality. We believe that continuous learning fosters excellence.

We know how important strong leadership is to the success of our organisation and our Academy will ensure our leaders develop and grow those skills and are confident in their role.