Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it be before I am seen in the hospital if I am referred?

At all 3 local referrals sites – The recommended wait time for a routine appointment is 13-18 weeks and the recommended wait time for an urgent appointment is 2-4 weeks.

Why haven’t I received my invitation letter?

We only send invitation letters to patients 11 ½ months following their last screening. We don’t send them out the same time every year – the letter is very much dependent on when the screening took place in the previous year.  This can include a community screening or hospital screening

If you are under the care of the hospital they may also be checking you for Diabetic Retinopathy we will not need to invite you for screening if we have received notification of this

Why are you sending me another letter?

The IT system sends out 1 reminder letter to each patient every year (when it knows you are due for screening).  If you book an appointment of receipt of the 1st invitation you will not receive any further correspondence from us until the results of that appointment. However, if you fail to arrange an appointment within the first 6 weeks of receiving your letter we will send a further reminder letter.

I am already under the hospital, why are you inviting me?

We are often not informed of all hospital appointments that patients attend.  For the safety of your eyes we invite you for screening and if you have attended the local hospital we request that you give us the Date of the appointment and the consultant you saw.  It could also be the case that although you have been seen in the Ophthalmology department, the clinician you saw isn’t assessing for diabetic retinopathy.