999 Club

The concept

The 999 club is an initiative that offers children the opportunity to experience a hospital environment in a fun and informative way.

Organised by our A+E paediatric sister Natalie Styles-Hudson, the day involves a tour of the hospital’s facilities and offers to the chance for schoolchildren to see areas of the hospital that would otherwise remain a mystery.

The day aims to :

  1. alleviate fears of children coming into hospital
  2. help children to learn about the hospital
  3. help children consider a career within the hospital
  4. show them how many different jobs there are in a hospital

The Tour

As part of the 999 Club the children are  taken on a tour of the hospital visiting the A+E Department, Chapel, HSDU, Holly Ward and finally to the Dispensary where they get to see the Pharmacy robot. They also get to watch the special 3D distraction TV and watch a plaster cast being put on their teacher.

After the tour children are split into four groups where they can learn more about specific areas of the hospital in a fun, interactive way. Please view our virtual tour below to see the four stations that the children visit:


Station 1

Learning from the holly play leader about how to cannulate and take blood from a special bear, also preparing for going to theatre.

Station 2 

The children could play with all of the equipment we use in accident emergency, including steristrips, splints, bandages, c-spine collars, ice packs and fluids.

Station 3

Infection control station where children could wash their hands and see fluorescent green germs show up under the light box where they hadn't washed properly.

Station 4

Health promotion where the children learnt about healthy eating, portion sizes and the importance of not smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fatty foods.