Welcome To Our Audiology Department

In February 2015, Audiology was moved to a newly refurbished, purpose built department, along aside our ENT colleagues.

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Hinchingbrooke’s Audiology Department is committed to providing high quality care to patients of all ages who suffer from a hearing loss, tinnitus or balance problems.

We carry out a number of tests to enable us to determine the nature and extent of a hearing loss or balance disorder, helping us to identify any conditions that are related to the ear.

As well as this, we offer a hearing aid service which begins with an initial hearing assessment, and allows us to fit up to date new digital hearing aids to any hearing impaired individual. We provide long term management and rehabilitation to all our patients and provide counselling where necessary.

Services we offer:

– Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

– Paediatric Hearing Assessments

– Adult Hearing Assessments

– Hearing Aid Services for Adults and Paediatrics

– Vestibular Assessments

– Tinnitus Counselling

– Hearing Therapy / Assistive Listening Device Clinic



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Audiology opening hours

Day Time
Monday to Thursday 8.15am to 5.30pm
Friday 8.15am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday (closed)

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01480 847465

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