Critical Care Centre

Critical Care Centre

Patients in the CCC need constant medical support to keep their body functions going. They may not be able to breathe on their own, and may have multiple organ failure, so medical equipment takes the place of these functions while they recover.

A person may be admitted to our CCC following surgery, or after an accident or severe illness. CCC beds are a very expensive and limited resource because they provide specialised monitoring equipment, a high degree of medical expertise and constant access to highly trained nurses.


Being in a CCC can be a daunting experience both for the patient and his or her friends and family. Our staff in the CCC understand this and are there to help and support both patients and their families during their time with us.

The Intensive Care Society has further in depth information about Critical Care, which visitors may find very helpful; their website can be accessed at

Visiting times

There are no set visiting times in our CCC.  However, if you’re visiting someone in our CCC please avoid the protected period between 12pm and 2.30pm. This allows patients valuable peace and privacy during their meal time.

Contact CCC

Department Telephone Number
Direct line number 01480 416229
Patients’ telephone number 01480 363945