Emergency Care Centre

Emergency Care Centre

The Emergency Care Centre (ECC) is responsible for the following services:

These links above provide more information about each service.  Below, we’ve also summarised some useful information for visitors as well as contact numbers.


Patients in the AAU can be visited at all times, but we ask that this is restricted to two visitors per patient at any one time because of space limitations around the bedside.

From time to time, visitors may be asked to wait in the waiting area while investigations are being carried out on their relative or friend. We also provide a separate waiting area designed with children in mind.

In exceptional circumstances, visiting may be stopped, at the discretion of the nurse in charge, for example due to infection control measures.

Food and drink

We respectfully ask the following:

  • Patients: Please do not eat or drink in the department, until you’ve been seen by a doctor, as this can sometimes delay treatment.
  • Relatives: Please do not eat and drink within clinical areas due to infection control issues and hygiene.

There is a water cooler in the department. The waiting area also has a range of vending machines, providing snacks and hot and cold drinks.

If you are diabetic and your sugars are low we are able to provide snacks so please ask for assistance.

In the Emergency Department we will provide patients with hot drinks and snacks such as sandwiches if they’re going to be subject to extended waiting times.  In the AAU, patients will be provided with hot meals.

Department Telephone Number
Emergency Department enquiries 01480 428984
Acute Assessment Unit enquiries 01480 428971

Please note, we are unable to provide telephone advice or health information, please contact your GP or NHS direct on 0845 4647.