Research and Development


Research and Development

At Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust we have a department dedicated to Research and Development (R&D). This is led by Professor Rupert Bourne, our Director of Research. Professor Bourne is supported by Manjo Doug, R&D Manager and Administrator Heather Pearman.The department deal with all aspects of clinical research and development. This includes:

  • R&D approvals
  • Setting up studies
  • Commercial and non-commercial research
  • Grant funding.

Hinchingbrooke’s R&D department lead and contribute to world class research which helps us to understand diseases better and develop new treatments for the benefit of patients and the NHS. Our aim is to increase the number of studies we can offer to our patients, and to help them understand more about research and what it means to the NHS.

Gathering research evidence is a very important part of improving the high standard of patient care that we offer at Hinchingbrooke. Research is embedded in the care we provide at Hinchingbrooke, and we aim to offer as many of our patients as possible the opportunity to take part in research studies.

We are also committed to working with our University partners and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network to bring research findings into practice and improve the health of our population.

If you are considering taking part in a research study or applying for grant funding, you are advised to contact the department as early on as possible.

For more information please read our Research and Development patient information leaflet.

For information on our work with The Picker Institute please click here.

Good Clinical practice Training

A key requirement for anyone involved in the conduct of clinical research is Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training. GCP is the ethical and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted. 

This training is suitable for all  doctors, nurses and allied health professionals interested in working on any research projects. To find out more please click here.

R&D Newsletters

Please click here for our 2015 newsletters.

Contact us for further information you can get in touch with the R&D department by calling 01480 847511 or emailing: