Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust

In February 2012, Hinchingbrooke Hospital became the first NHS Trust to be operated by a private partner, Circle. Although we work closely with our partners at Circle to plan and make improvements to our services, we are still an NHS hospital, delivering NHS services and our staff, buildings and assets remain in the NHS. Find out more about us here

Ebola information

Itís important to remember that you can only become infected with the Ebola virus if you have come into direct contact with the blood, body fluids or organs of an infected person. No cases of imported Ebola have ever been reported in the UK, but if you have recently returned from West Africa and have any of the symptoms of Ebola you should not come straight to A&E but should contact 111 or your GP immediately so you can be met and treated in an appropriate place. 

Read the latest information on the Ebola Virus on NHS Choices here

Patient Feedback

Patient feedback

Our Patient Feedback

In October 2014, 96% of patients who responded to our Friends and Family Survey said they would recommend Hinchingbrooke to family or friends. Find out more here.



The Park Maternity Centre

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The Park Maternity Centre - Huntingdon

Find out more about The Park Maternity Centre where we provide exceptional standards of midwifery and obstetric care for women in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire and beyond. 

Woodlands Centre Extension

Woodlands Extension

Our Woodlands Centre Extension Project

We are raising funds to extend our Woodlands Centre, to improve and increase the services we offer, and we need your help to reach our goal.For further information please contact us on 01480 416283 or find out more here.


About Circle

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Circle Partnership

Read more about our unique relationship with Circle and how we're working together to improve services.

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