Smokefree Hinchingbrooke

Hinchingbrooke is smokefree

On 3 November 2014, Hinchingbrooke Hospital became a smokefree site.

Why did Hinchingbrooke Hospital decide to become smokefree?

The dangers associated with smoking and second hand smoke are very well known and as a health care organisation it’s vital that we protect our patients, visitors and staff from these dangers.  As a patient, smoking makes it harder for you to recover, so by being a smokefree site, we’re helping to create a healthier place to visit, stay or work.

What does smokefree mean?

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the hospital’s premises or anywhere in the grounds.  Patients, members of the public and staff are not allowed to smoke on Trust sites.

What support will I be given before I come into hospital?

Talk to your GP or nurse and they will be able to provide you with a prescription for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) prior to your admission.  You can also contact CAMQUIT, Cambridgeshire’s Stop Smoking Service on 0800 018 4304.

What happens if I’m brought into the hospital in an emergency and feel the need to smoke?

Talk to a nurse in the Emergency Department or on your ward who will be able to provide you with nicotine patches to help you with your cravings and make sure you are comfortable whilst you are in hospital.  Please don’t be tempted to have a a cigarette.  If you would like help to quit smoking in the long term we will refer you to CAMQUIT, Cambridgeshire’s Stop Smoking Service.

What will happen if a patient or visitor chooses to smoke within the grounds of the hospital?

Anyone found smoking within hospital grounds will be approached by a member of staff and asked to stop smoking.  If they are a patient here, their nurse and doctor will be informed so that they can provide suitable medication to help manage their cravings.

Is it a human right to be allowed to smoke?

In 2008 the British High Court ruled that smoking is not a basic human right.  By choosing to be a smokefree site, the Trust is protecting the health of its patients, staff and visitors.

Help and support

For advice on how to quit smoking, call CAMQUIT, Cambridgeshire’s Stop Smoking Service: