Admissions Information

Admissions Information

What do I need to bring with me for my stay?

Storage space on the wards is very limited, so please ensure that you bring essential items only.

  • Suitable bed and day clothes
  • Slippers or shoes – for safety reasons, firm slippers or comfortable walking shoes should be worn when out of bed.
  • Underwear
  • Walking aids (if necessary and labelled)
  • Toiletries (If you have forgotten or run out of any toiletries our Amigo store is located in the main entrance foyer of the hospital (Please ask nursing staff for the opening times).

If any of your relatives or carers would like to be involved in your care, please discuss this with the nursing staff. We are delighted if your family wish to help care for you, especially if they normally help you at home.

For patients who require assistance with feeding we do encourage family members to come and help during mealtimes, please speak to a member of nursing staff to discuss further.

Visiting your loved ones

Rest and recuperation play a very important part in any patient’s recovery, so we do ask that family and friends come at visiting times only.

We ask that no more than two visitors are at the bedside at any one time. It is advisable that young children do not visit if possible, however please check with the nursing staff.

At times there may be visiting restrictions, this would normally be due to an outbreak of infection, and is implemented for the protection and safety of our patients. Your ward staff will keep you fully informed.

At times visitors may be asked to leave temporarily during ward rounds or if patients require personal care.